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Our affordable replacement canopy covers feature the highest quality marine grade materials, which you get to choose.  We can replace any existing canopy from any manufacturer with the correct, factory recommended model at a competitive price, which includes our personal guarantee that you will get exactly what you want and need. 

If you need only repair to your existing canopy, we will use our extensive experience and quality materials to complete those huge jobs, so your canopy looks as close to brand new as possible.

**We will prioritize warranty, service and repair work for any canopy bought through our Northern WI location**

We are also able to create custom canopies for any existing frame using the same quality materials that you get when ordering a manufactured model.

For an average cost, check the Fabric Options page. 

You can use the pdf forms below to get the correct measurements for your dock lift canopy.  If your model is not listed, feel free to contact us and we will guide you in getting proper measurements. Once we have that information for you, we can give you an exact cost for your canopy.




Marine Fabricators Association



Industrial Fabrics Association International

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