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You shouldn't trust your boat lift canopy to just anyone - it takes expertise, the proper equipment and in most cases, 3 people working in concert to complete these huge jobs.   

We employ the experts you want to repair your canopy! 

Whether there is a single seam that needs to be re-stitched, or you need a complete re-sew of every seam, we can do that work for you.

  We do these type of repairs only on Fridays and can complete 4 per week - which means we get booked out quickly during peak season.  Get your canopy in to us early, or wait until winter - we can complete it during off-season and store it for you until spring (storage is indoors but unheated). 

An average canopy repair Costs between $200 and $400.  All canopy repair is billed at $125/hr, as it requires 2 to 3 people at a time to complete a single job. 

If you'd like to have your canopy cleaned and/or treated that is work that is done over the winter.  Contact us about a Fall drop-off and your canopy will be ready for you to pick up in Spring!  This is an outside service and usually costs between $235 and $285 (*May not be available some years.)

If you have any questions feel free to use the "Request a Quote" button above to ask, send pictures of your canopy, or get a more accurate estimate.

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